Linguagem do Abandono

About this publication

The poetry of the book "Linguagem do Abandono" is a record simultaneously black and luminous, depressive and expressive, in this almost incongruence that inaugurates a new and strange place to inhabit the panorama of contemporary poetry. Curiously cousin of the celebrated poet Daniel Faria, Nuno F. Silva is a young poet at the age of 24 and yet one of the most scintillating living poets, acclaimed by several critics and academics.

You can see one of his interviews in the Jornal de Notícias (click in the external link bellow).The cover of this book features a drawing by the relevant plastic artist Emília Nadal.

He has already edited several books of poetry:

Flor de Espinhos, World Art Friends (2011)

Flor de Lótus, Euedito (2013)

Frágil, Euedito (2016)

Lunescer, Lua de Marfim (2016)

Cativeiro, Idioteque (2017)


"Love like you drink:

eyes closed,

glorify the wine before the cup."

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