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Aires Montenegro was born in 1948 in S. Martinho das Chãs, Armamar, and lives in
Gandra, Paredes.
He graduated in Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. Was a teacher
Philosophy in various secondary schools and secondary schools, having completed his
Daniel Faria Secondary School, Baltar, Paredes county, where he taught more than
twenty years.
His interest in music also led him to attend the Conservatoire de
Port. It is currently developing a project to disseminate a traditional instrument
Swedish - Nyckelharpa - at the level of traditional music and ancient music. In this context,
has participated every year in the International Days of the Nyckelharpa, which
in early October in Burg Fürsteneck, Germany.


In a home, an old teacher spends time weaving tattered memories,
then spreading through the intimacy of a journal, in the illusion that life can reveal to you
still some original sense.
"In this night of me, sad and solemn, I do not cuddle the lost scents of my
dreams. On this night of me, I never knew how to love."

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