Success Full, Casos de Sucesso nos Municípios Portugueses

About this publication

For the first time in Portugal, 24 academics and researchers from universities, polytechnics and management schools have developed a set of case studies based on 13 successful experiences in the management of Portuguese municipalities.

This book, of undeniable interest to municipalities, entities of supramunicipal coordination, researchers and teachers, political parties and managers, approaches topics as rich and diverse as tourism and heritage, gastronomy and wine, attraction and promotion of investment, cultural policies And education, sustainability, the iconic events of the municipalities analyzed, among others.

With a diversified approach within the area of Territorial Marketing, and seeking to be based on differentiating cases, this book establishes a script for thirteen municipalities such as. Madeira, Vila do Conde, Vila Nova de Famalicão and Vila Nova de Gaia.

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