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Nuno F. Silva is a young man with only 23 years and one of the most scintillating living poets.
Primo of the well-known poet Daniel Faria, has already published some books of poetry without great expression in the market, but the Idioteque now wants to do, more than the edition of this work, all the accompaniment of a literary career that will be of high level, His work to various media.
The cover of the book features a drawing by the relevant plastic artist Emília Nadal.
This way closed at dawn.
A house locked in early spring,
Like a rosebud that did not know how to give birth.
The retina of the nocturnal eye.
The tongue of insomnia suspended by incomplete silences.
Cannibal eyelids of sleep that do not feed.
I'm here
At the mouth of the mist where the teeth are black
And the pointer shall fall to the death that it takes. "

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