Poética do Desassombro

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Virgílio Carneiro is a renowned author of the north of Portugal - and more specifically of Penafiel and Famalicão - with a work published in reputed national publishers.

He was a member of the Portuguese Parliament.

In this book of poetry is well-known its crystalline and natural poetics, which excels by the sensitivity and the almost absence of artifice, authenticating it and differentiating it from many of the poetic works of contemporary art.

As the author of the preface says, "her literary and didactic experience, apart from a politically and socially recognized career, endowed her with an indelible and unquestionable" sagesse ".

"A book that will remain in the memory and heart of each reader and that may be the way for each to discover the cult of Poetry and the value that it represents for itself. This act of enlightening words, giving them life and withdrawing astonishment, is always a courageous task that confronts the poet and makes him a winner or vanquished, allowing or not his recording in the calligraphy of time. Once again, Virgílio Carneiro knew how to inscribe himself skillfully, gliding to the taste of memories and the world. "- Júlia Serra

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