Não Conto

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"In 'Não Conto', Sérgio Almeida's agile writing challenges the reader to an incursion into a grotesque and insane world, whose pillars are black humor, and above all the taste for deformation, caricature and excess. Satire, in its demoralizing pursuit, little leaves standing, beginning with customs, family life and the literary universe, and ending with philosophical and political discourses. "

José António Gomes

From the drama of a train reviewer who, by observing thousands of passengers daily, forgets the contours of his own face, the memories of the celebrated dictator AH narrated by his pet mustache, "I do not tell" is a journey without return assured by the Unpredictable but always fascinating meanderings of the human psyche.

Idleness, unstable or megalomaniac, the characters gathered here are not missing any of the capital sins, except for the greatest of all: normality.

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